I know firsthand what it feels like to be doing “all the things” + working SO hard with no results to show for it. It’s straight up exhausting… 

And unfortunately, this is the place I find most entrepreneurs reside. 

This is a recipe for disaster + complete overwhelm my friend – and let me tell you, it’s simply NOT sustainable.  

Truth is, you started your business to create wealth, certainty, security + FREEDOM, right?

I wanted all of these things too.

Rewind to when I started my very first business… my “big” goal was to replace the salary I’d be making at the corporate job I was offered = $26K. 

So I dove in and got started. I was making sales, very sporadically, but nothing was predictable and the business wasn’t profitable. 

It was a complete rollercoaster – an amazing month of sales and then crickets. 😅


It’s how I got off the ‘yo-yo sales rollercoaster’ and generated $1.2M from a $29 product in ONE YEAR from just one funnel + traffic source.

Once I cracked the code, I started sharing this system with my closest friends + 1:1 clients and they were having the same insane success I was… and the best part – it felt easy, simple + predictable. 🤯

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I am NOT a gatekeeper. I believe everyone deserves a seat at the table… it’s why I created Bossbabe in the first place – to help women build thriving businesses that set them free. 

SO, I couldn’t be any more excited to share a brand new offer that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for months… 

🥳 Introducing: Freedom Fast Track – an 8 week coaching and accountability program, where I’ll be supporting you in building out ONE funnel for your business (all the way from offer → to traffic → to buyers!)

 ▶️ I recorded a quick loom walking you through exactly what’s in the program, who it’s for + what’s in store when you join us in this first cohort.

Join me for the first round of Freedom Fast Track & get my eyes on your business + funnel!

This is the ONLY cohort I will personally be coaching + mentoring.

*Currently, the only way to work with me on an individual basis costs upwards of $50k*


Inside Freedom Fast Track you get access to:

  • 8 weeks of Live Coaching with me as your guide (Value: $19,997)
  • Personal reviews + audits of your funnel (Value: $4,997)
  • A highly engaged community of other women building freedom based businesses (Value: $997)


  • The strategies behind creating a sales engine that will work for any business that needs customers
  • How to build an effective funnel that converts
  • Insider tips for increasing traffic with your ideal customer ready to buy

Plus, these INCREDIBLE bonuses:

  • Sold Out Offer Workshop (Value: $149)
  • Your “One Thing” Demystified (Value: $149)
  • 8 Figure Webinar Swipe Files (Value: $497)
  • Plug + Play Email Sequences (Value: $147)
  • Sales Page Copy Template (Value: $97)
  • Chat GPT Sales Secrets (Value: $97)
  • Multi Million Dollar Funnel: Detailed (Value: $997)
  • Affiliate Reach Out Scripts (Value: $97)
  • Facebook Ads Course (Value: $497)
  • Empowered Mindset Meditation (Value: $49)
  • My Reading List To Become A World Class Marketer (Value: $97)
  • LIMITED EDITION Bossbabe Box w/ EXCLUSIVE Merch (Value: $97)
  • Money On Demand Instant PDF (Value: $197)

Total Value: $29,158

Join right now for: $2,997


You don’t have to do this alone.

You’ll actually go further faster by following a proven path and that’s exactly what you’ll get inside Freedom Fast Track. 

Let us hold your hand, show you every step of the way + build your freedom based business together. 🤍